Summary of FastIO ClibPDF License
This is a brief summary of FastIO ClibPDF License and is NOT legally binding.  For details please read LICENSE.pdf.

ClibPDF is free OR commercial depending on how and by whom it is used.  It is NOT public-domain software.

ClibPDF is free for non-profit personal use, and use by educational, non-profit, and government organizations.

Commercial license is required for use by for-profit entities, including commercial web-site deployment (including intranet), inclusion in in-house business, production, manufacturing and research applications, for-profit use by individuals, inclusion in commercial applications, libraries, and applications that are sold or bundled with other commercial products (e.g., use in InternetExplorer would not be free).  Please note that applications for use solely within a company also require a commercial license even if they are not sold or licensed to any third party.

Contractors or consultants to a non-profit organization (including education and government) may use ClibPDF free-of-charge if the rights to the resulting work (source code and executable) belong to the non-profit organization.  If the rights to the resulting work (in whole or part, including right-to-use license from the client) belong to the contractors or consultants, it is considered as a Commercial Use, and the contractors or consultants are responsible for obtaining a commercial license.

There is a special deferment provision for shareware developers where the license fee may be deferred until the cumulative gross receipt from applicable applications exceed 10 times the license fee.

An automatic free 30-day examination period is granted for commercial users for the purpose of evaluting ClibPDF.

Base ClibPDF commercial license fee is US$1000 per product or per IP address for Web serving (each virtual IP address counts as one).  There is no per-copy royalty, i.e., you may sell unlimited number of copies of the product.  There is also an option for unlimited corporate-wide license, at US$5000, for use in unlimited number of products and web servers.  The license pricing is subject to change.

The summary of license terms described above is a brief overview and is not legally binding.  Exact and legally accurate details of licensing terms are described in the file LICENSE.txt or LICENSE.pdf included in the distribution or at /LICENSE.pdf.

We welcome feedback regarding the feature list, licensing, bugs, and improvements and any other suggestions.  In particular, if you find the standard licensing terms unsuitable for you, please contact us outlining your situation.  Please send comments and inquiries to

(Copyright (C) 1998 FastIO Systems, All Rights Reserved, Last updated: December 5, 1998)