ClibPDF Users and Applications

ClibPDF has been licensed by many corporations, large and small, for a wide variety of applications.  Two of the major U.S. telecommunications carriers are using it for intranet electronic form generation and approval systems.  Insurance companies are using it to generate customized and pre-filled forms/contracts for customers to sign and send back.  It is being used to generate up-to-date parts list and maintenance documentation on-demand by aircraft/machinery companies.  It is being built into medical diagnostic devices and end-user software.  It is also used by government agencies world-wide, although we cannot track actual uses because we offer free licenses to government and registered non-profit organizations.  It is also used in academia and by individuals for educational and research purposes, and for fun and cool applications.  This page shows you just a tiny fraction of these applications.

If you are a ClibPDF user, please tell us how you are using it.  If you can give us a URL, we will put a link to it on this page.  Please briefly describe what your application does.  Send email describing your application to

There are many licensees but most are not listable by name.  Users include government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations (including six in Fortune 100).




(Last modified: 1999-11-05)