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December 12, 1999: ClibPDF ver. 2.02-r1-1 Just Released
ANSI C Library for Direct PDF Generation

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ClibPDF Version 2.02-r1-1  (1999-12-12) -- Unicode, CJK Font & Multi-threading
Unicode annotations and bookmarks.  Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language support -- 7 base fonts (each with 4 styles for a total of 28 CJK font styles).  Bug fixes that solve excessive use of memory by TIFF2PDF type application with thousands of pages of images.

  • ClibPDF Library Source Code + Everything (2.02-r1-1, ~900kB)
  • ClibPDF API Reference Manual (v2.01-r2-7) [PDF (also in the above package)]
  • Verson 2.02 Addendum to Reference Manual [PDF (also in the above package)]
  • Release README file.
  • Linux RPM files (v2.02r1-0)
  • ClibPDF Version 1.10-7e (1999-06-10) -- Old API TIFF2PDF Version 1.14 (1999-12-14)

    Platforms Tested

    ClibPDF is highly platform-independent.  It can be made to compile on just about any platform with little effort.  This is especially true for most Unix variants.  Please note that we are unable to answer questions regarding installing and compiling ClibPDF on a given platform.

    For your information, ClibPDF has been tested on the following platforms (the list will grow over time):

    AIX 4.2
    BSDI BSD/OS 3.1 (gcc
    FreeBSD 2.2.8-STABLE (gcc
    HP-UX B.11.00
    Linux 2.0.34 (Red Hat 5.2, 6.x, 7) (gcc
    NEXTSTEP 3.2, 3.3, OPENSTEP 4.2
    MacOS X Server 1.1
    MacOS X (10.0.x) (should also work with Darwin)
    SGI IRIX 6.2 (gcc 2.8.1) -- Thanks to Matt Warner.
    SunOS 5.4 (C-4.0)
    Sun Solaris 7 (gcc 2.95.1 and Sun CC)

    MacOS 8.x/9.0 (Metrowerks IDE 3.2/CWPro 4)  -- README.MacOS8
    Windows 95/98/NT(4.0 SP3/SP4)/2000 (VC++ 6.0) -- README.win32
    Cygwin b20.1 (gcc egcs-2.91.57)  -- port by Stipe Tolj
    Amiga WarpUP PPC -- Precompiled library by Steffen Haeuser

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