Simple File Sharing with Direct Download Links

Add files from your existing Cloud Storage and we give you fast direct download links on a CDN. 

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Syncs from your cloud storage:
Host, deploy, scale, and track static content on the web from anywhere.

From the same team that created MediaFire. Learn more about our team.

Simple & Reliable

Get the simplicity and usability of your cloud storage, with the reliability and scalability of an enterprise platform.

Low Pricing is cheaper than S3, no storage fees, and get 100GB of free bandwidth every month, forever. View premium plans.


Scale infinitely. Blazingly fast and reliable hosting for files up to 1GB each. Use it for video, app content, websites, etc.

Host your files or website in under 30 seconds:


Connect your cloud

Sync a folder in your cloud storage or a branch from your GitHub repo. We sync these files to your enterprise cloud.


Choose a name

Pick your own "" URL or add your own custom domain name. You can register custom domains or bring your own.


Deploy your content

Your site's folder is automatically synced to your domain on our global CDN. Anything you put in it will be synced to your URL.

How it works

Your users
Static Websites
Mobile App Data
Software Downloads
Google Drive
Google Analytics

1. Storage

We sync files from your Cloud Storage or Version Control System into our cloud. You get the durability of our enterprise cloud, and the simplicity and collaborative capabilities of your existing cloud storage.

2. The magic layer is the unification layer in the stack. It stores data from your Cloud Storage, pushes it to our global Content Delivery Networks (CloudFlare and Akamai), reports Analytics, and can do cool things like add password protection, file listings, video encoding (coming soon) or image transformations.

3. Foolproof Analytics

We simplify Analytics by using server side logs to report usage to Google Analytics or Mixpanel. This method works regardless of ad blockers, web browsers, or app integrations.

Web hosting that's always in sync

Changes are synced and hosted instantly

Create and edit your content locally, sync and deploy globally.

Updates are magically deployed to our global CDN; there's no merging, branching, or deployment cycles. For example, edit images on your computer with Photoshop and when you save, they're automatically synced and updated directly on the CDN and your site.

Direct Integration with Google Analytics

Integrated Analytics

Nothing to install, no javascript to run. Measure directly from the server.

Instead of a raw log files* to analyze, we provide a flexible reporting platform that integrates with your existing tools, like Google Analytics.

Get Google Analytics reports for content that's commonly directly accessed, such as PDFs, images, or streamed videos.

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* Want raw logs? We have those too.
Works well with others

Easy Collaboration

Use your cloud storage or GitHub's existing sharing, commenting, and version control tools to easily collaborate on projects.

You can share a whole project or just a single subfolder or file. Each member of your team can contribute to a different part of your site, or you can share your entire site folder with everyone.

Connect your cloud storage

What can you build?

You can build all kinds of things with, we built and host the website you're reading right now, including all the markup, images, and code.

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You donโ€™t need a calculator to figure out your bill. We offer simple, flat-rate pricing with free usage included, and a set $0.06 per GB/month beyond that.

Need a bigger boat ? will scale as far as you need, and it's cheaper than Amazon S3. *

* S3 Base pricing of $0.09 cents per gigabyte + CloudFront pricing of $0.2 cents per GB compared to $.06 for Fast.

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Built for Developers

We started with the API and built the UI on top of it. Anything you can do in our frontend, you can do with our API.

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Built for Designers lets you focus on creativity by enabling you to host content without involving IT or dealing with complex servers.

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